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Black Memorabilia Art

A curated selection of digitally reproduced Black memorabilia art prints and posters including minstrel imagery and Sambo art that proliferated in 19th-century America. Many of the images contain ugly racist and offensive stereotypes and reveal the deep racist attitudes of the time. Some are painful and disturbing but they remain as a true testimony of life in the past – a past that was, for African Americans, filled with pain and tribulation.
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A Sure Winner Tobacco Advertising circa 1895 “Is you gwine hush when you spoke to, or is I bound to whup you befo' de school?”, 1897 Big Minstrel Jubilee Height of Fashion, 1854
A Sure Winner
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Big Minstrel Jubilee
List Price: $15.00
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Height of Fashion, 1854
List Price: $10.00
Our Price: $8.00
Savings: $2.00
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Mini Print
Woman with Pipe by William Aiken Walker
Woman with Pipe
List Price: $25.00
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