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aw_FM_perfection_1789   Perfection
aw_EB_perseverance_105   Perseverance
aw_GW_philaeagles_3858   Philadelphia Eagles
aw_GW_philadelphiaeagles_171   Philadelphia Eagles: Super Bowl 2018 Champions
aw_NF_piano_1376   Piano
aw_PL_pianolounge_486   Piano Lounge
aw_LB_pianoman_655   Piano Man
aw_XB_pianoman_65   Piano Man
aw_XB_pianoman_750   Piano Man
aw_XB_pianomanii_199   Piano Man II
aw_XB_pianomanii_603   Piano Man II
aw_WB_pianoplayer_170   Piano Player
aw_WT_pickingcotton_115   Picking Cotton
aw_XU_pickingcotton_773   Picking Cotton
aw_WT_pickingpecans_114   Picking Pecans
aw_HP_pilate_3517   Pilate
aw_CC_pilgrimoffreedom_1282   Pilgrim of Freedom
aw_CS_pillowtalk_604   Pillow Talk
aw_CS_pillowtalk_695   Pillow Talk
aw_HW_pinkandgreenbath_1104   Pink and Green Bath
aw_LK_pinnacle_754   Pinnacle (Phi Beta Sigma)
aw_LK_pinnacle_755   Pinnacle (Phi Beta Sigma)
aw_HP_pioneerswest_53   Pioneers West
aw_HP_pixie_3330   Pixie
aw_EF_plantandpiano_1519   Plant and Piano
aw_XU_plantationbanjo_742   Plantation Banjo Player
aw_AJ_playfulposiesi_3123   Playful Posies I
aw_SM_playfulreflections_101   Playful Reflections
aw_HR_playingcheckers_101   Playing Checkers
aw_XI_pointofnoreturn_1883   Point of no Return
aw_XI_pointofnoreturn_189   Point of no Return
aw_JB_pokascope_2767   Pokascope
aw_CB_polkadot_145   Polka Dot Fans
aw_HP_pondering_1496   Pondering
aw_HP_pondering_325   Pondering
aw_XB_poolparlor_4431   Pool Parlor
aw_HW_poormanscotton_11   Poor Man's Cotton
aw_GW_popefrancis_677   Pope Francis
aw_GW_popefrancis_678   Pope Francis
aw_SV_poppiesi_887   Poppies in Copper Vase I
aw_SV_poppiesii_888   Poppies in Copper Vase II
aw_NR_portfolio_112   Portfolio 090
aw_XU_picwashington_425   Portrait in Courage: Booker T. Washington
aw_XU_picdouglass_424   Portrait in Courage: Frederick Douglass
aw_XU_picharriettubman_429   Portrait in Courage: Harriet Tubman
aw_XU_picmalcolmx_426   Portrait in Courage: Malcolm X
aw_XU_picmarcusgarvey_428   Portrait in Courage: Marcus Garvey
aw_XU_picmartinking_427   Portrait in Courage: Martin Luther King, Jr
aw_XU_picsojournerseated_431   Portrait in Courage: Sojourner Truth (Seated)
aw_XU_picsojournerstanding_430   Portrait in Courage: Sojourner Truth (Standing)
aw_WW_portraitofaman_142   Portrait of a Man with Pipe
aw_MB_portraitnegress_204   Portrait of a Negress
aw_RW_pottytraining_536   Potty Training
aw_DS_poundingpavementii_3410   Pounding Pavement II
aw_KW_poweroflove_1608   Power of Love
aw_KW_poweroflove_1609   Power of Love
aw_KW_powerofman_161   Power of Man
aw_KW_powerofman_2049   Power of Man
aw_KW_powerofmansta_2050   Power of Man (Statement)
aw_KW_powerofwoman_2048   Power of Woman
aw_KW_powerofwoman_2049   Power of Woman
aw_KW_powerofwomansta_1726   Power of Woman (Statement Edition)
aw_AL_powershopping_452   Power Shopping
aw_AB_practicemakesperfe_1060   Practice Makes Perfect
aw_FM_practicemakesperfe_3636   Practice Makes Perfect
aw_RS_practicepractice_1581   Practice Practice
aw_LB_praisethelordwithg_3201   Praise the Lord with Gladness
aw_CB_praisin_3386   Praisin'
aw_KW_praytogetherstayto_305   Pray Together Stay Together
aw_EW_prayerwarrior_3254   Prayer Warrior
aw_FM_prayers_2858   Prayers
aw_LC_prayingforhim_2290   Praying for Him
aw_TA_prayinghands_216   Praying Hands
aw_KR_prayingthroughstorm_148   Praying Through the Storm
aw_KR_prayingthroughstorm_149   Praying Through the Storm
aw_AL_preachon_1458   Preach On
aw_FM_preachonpreacher_774   Preach on Preacher
aw_FM_preachonpreacher_789   Preach on Preacher
aw_FM_precious_2477   Precious
aw_MP_preciousbond_607   Precious Bond
aw_KM_preciouslove_3422   Precious Love
aw_TH_preciousone_608   Precious One
aw_TH_precioustwo_609   Precious Two
aw_HP_prelude_1254   Prelude
aw_KM_prelude(vases)_3505   Prelude (Vases)
aw_TB_preparingtosoundth_3827   Preparing to Sound the Alarm
aw_MA_presidentandfirstl_112   President & First Lady: Dance at the 56th Inaugural Ball, Washington DC, 2009
aw_XU_presidentandfirstl_3850   President and First Lady Dance at 56th Inaugural
aw_XU_presidentandfirstl_3851   President and First Lady Dance at 56th Inaugural
aw_GW_presidentbarackoba_3120   President Barack Obama
aw_XU_presidentbarackoba_3220   President Barack Obama and the First Lady
aw_XU_presidentbarackoba_3221   President Barack Obama and the First Lady (bw)
aw_MA_obamalincolnmem_125   President Barack Obama at Lincoln Memorial, 2009
aw_XU_obamaovaloffice_331   President Barack Obama: Oval Office
aw_AV_barackobama_107   President Obama and First Lady Dance at 2nd Inaugural Ball
aw_AV_barackobama_106   President Obama and First Lady Dance at Nobel Ball
aw_u_PresidentInauguration_248   President Obama and the First Lady Greeting at the 57th Inaugural Ball
aw_AV_barackobama_108   President Obama Official Portrait
aw_MA_obamalincolnmem_101   President-Elect Barack Obama, Lincoln Memorial Speech
aw_TF_presseddownshakent_1587   Pressed Down Shaken Together
aw_TM_prettyeyes_101   Pretty Eyes
aw_AD_prey_122   Prey
aw_FM_priceless_1788   Priceless
aw_GI_prideanddignity_1100   Pride and Dignity (AKA)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_1101   Pride and Dignity (AKA)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_2192   Pride and Dignity (Alpha)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_2194   Pride and Dignity (Alpha)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_1133   Pride and Dignity (Delta)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_1134   Pride and Dignity (Delta)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_2219   Pride and Dignity (Iota)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_2184   Pride and Dignity (Kappa)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_2185   Pride and Dignity (Kappa)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_2191   Pride and Dignity (Omega)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_2197   Pride and Dignity (Omega)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_2293   Pride and Dignity (Sigma Gamma Rho)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_1135   Pride and Dignity (Zeta)
aw_GI_prideanddignity_1154   Pride and Dignity (Zeta)
aw_AF_prideandjoy_102   Pride and Joy
aw_AN_prideful_118   Pridefulness
aw_TG_primping_612   Primping
aw_GW_prince_315   Prince (1958 - 2016)
aw_GW_prince_316   Prince (1958 - 2016)
aw_HP_princess_3210   Princess
aw_HP_princess_613   Princess
aw_BJ_princesstoduchess_801   Princess to Duchess
aw_HP_prisms_324   Prisms
aw_FM_privatelessons_1610   Private Lessons
aw_EF_profile_1378   Profile
aw_HM_promise_120   Promise
aw_HM_promise_1400   Promise
aw_MS_promise_268   Promise
aw_MS_promise_2688   Promise
aw_CB_proofofvalor_314   Proof of Valor
aw_XU_protectgroceries_340   Protecting the Groceries
aw_KW_proudafrica_264   Proud Africa
aw_JH_providerfemale_108   Provider (Female)
aw_JH_providermale_109   Provider (Male)
aw_XO_psalm1221_1944   Psalm 122:1
aw_ME_puffdaddy_129   Puff Daddy
aw_DS_pulseofthecity_3412   Pulse of the City
aw_CB_pure_102   Pure
aw_JW_purestyle_332   Pure Style II
aw_CB_purpleumbrella_2831   Purple Umbrella
aw_ME_putdaneedle_131   Put da Needle on da Record
aw_AL_putsomeskirtonthec_3737   Put Some Skirt on the Cards
aw_ME_qball_320   Q-Ball
aw_FM_queenb_771   Queen B
aw_FM_queenb_790   Queen B
aw_MW_queenexcellence_137   Queen of Excellence
aw_MM_queenofspring_104   Queen of Spring
aw_MM_queenofsummer_105   Queen of Summer
aw_MM_queenofwinter_103   Queen of Winter
aw_EW_quietbeforestorm_456   Quiet Before the Storm
aw_EW_quietbeforestorm_457   Quiet Before the Storm
aw_LB_quietude_808   Quietude
aw_RB_quiltingtime_103   Quilting Time
aw_LC_racematters_3351   Race Matters
aw_JC_radiance_525   Radiance
aw_JC_radiance_526   Radiance
aw_EW_radiance_872   Radiance (Delta)
aw_SK_raggedyann_1819   Raggedy Ann
aw_KM_ragtime_3376   Ragtime
aw_KG_rainbowhearts_1965   Rainbow Hearts
aw_JH_rainbowperfect_1966   Rainbow Perfect
aw_DN_raindropsii_1270   Raindrops II
aw_DN_raindropsiii_1271   Raindrops III
aw_SV_raindrops_892   Raindrops on the Street
aw_AP_rappers_3795   Rappers
aw_GW_rastarhythms_3260   Rasta Rhythms
aw_GW_rastarhythms_3261   Rasta Rhythms
aw_XU_raycharlesseattlen_2741   Ray Charles, Seattle, New Years Eve, 1966
aw_AS_reachingfortheivy_2492   Reaching for the Ivy
aw_LC_reachinghigher_1504   Reaching Higher
aw_DT_readersareleaders_1509   Readers are Leaders
aw_BJ_readingandfriend_821   Reading and Friendship
aw_TW_readingthescripture_720   Reading the Scriptures
aw_LB_reallove_264   Real Love
aw_XE_reallove_3302   Real Love
aw_LC_reality_69   Reality
aw_CB_realizationofafall_2938   Realization of a Fallen Angel
aw_AL_rebirth_146   Rebirth
aw_KW_rebuilding_277   Rebuilding the Black Family
aw_PS_friendship_302   Recipe for Friendship
aw_PS_happiness_301   Recipe for Happiness
aw_PS_recipeforlove_300   Recipe for Love
aw_PS_sucess_299   Recipe for Success
aw_AA_recliningfemale_203   Reclining Female
aw_AA_recliningmale_204   Reclining Male
aw_SY_red_356   Red
aw_AL_redalertpowersurge_1471   Red Alert Power Surge
aw_FM_redhotoncool_792   Red Hot on Cool
aw_KG_redlacqueri_2362   Red Lacquer I
aw_TM_redmadonna_105   Red Madonna
aw_EC_redrock_3498   Red Rock
aw_NB_redrose_3703   Red Rose
aw_NW_redroseii_2365   Red Rose II
aw_NW_redrosesinblackvas_3054   Red Roses in Black Vase I
aw_HP_redshawl_346   Red Shawl
aw_LC_redvelvet_278   Red Velvet
aw_LC_redvelvet_279   Red Velvet

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